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. Category: Hindi Dubbed Films Category:Indian drama films Category:Indian films Category:Indian short films Category:Films about adoption Category:Indian romantic drama films Category:2007 short filmsAmbush (1964 film) Ambush () is a 1964 Soviet adventure comedy film directed by Aleksandr Fajntsai and starring Boris Smelian, Sergey Kuznetsov, and Tatyana Pechegina. It was entered into the 1964 Cannes Film Festival. The film is based on the novel Amble by Leonid Slutsky. Plot The movie begins with the Soviet Union forced to respond to an American attack. The story follows a group of characters struggling for survival in a Russian village during World War II. The film begins in the winter of 1941, after the Axis forces have taken Tobolsk. The film traces a variety of characters' attempts to survive in the village, which includes the efforts of the Germans to find a source of supplies, the stories told to frightened children, and the local communists' attempts to rally the people of the village against their German oppressors. Cast Boris Smelian as Maxim "Max" Kovalev Sergey Kuznetsov as Tsaritsyn Tatyana Pechegina as Katya Kovaleva Mikhail Doroshenin as Terentiev Valentina Sibneva as Mother Alexander Afonkin as Nikita Vladimir Valutsky as German Officer Emil Korychev as Father Maksim Sokolov as Borodin Aleksandr Gromov as Head of a Worker's Committee Vasili Kornilov as Trotsky's Undertaker Ivan Sklyarov as The Prisoner Leonid Gromov as Red Army soldier Alexey Kuznetsov as Nazi officer Mikhail Neklyayev as Former Soviet Commissar Vladimir Vyrupin as Former Soviet Commissar Sergei Antonov as Maxim References External links Category:1964 films Category:1960s adventure comedy films Category:Soviet adventure comedy films Category:Soviet films Category:Russian adventure comedy films Category:Russian films Category:Russian-language films




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Hindi Full Movies Awarapan 1080p

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